Sunday, October 28, 2012


 You were baptized just shy of 3 months.  You wore your special handkerchief hat that you also wore home from the hospital (a few snips and it will be the handkerchief you can use on your wedding day).  You also wore the baptism dress that your sister wore.  This isn't a special dress, but it sure is beautiful!  I will save it for you girls so that you can baptize your babies in it if you choose.  Here's you and Momma right before the service started.  Helps to have a bottle down for sure.

Then, we met as a family to baptize you in the front of the church.

Then, the Rev. Camille baptized you and showed you off to church.  All the children were in front and then we all sang "Jesus Loves Me".  You did SO GOOD and didn't cry or fuss!  I was extremely pleased!

After the service, we all went and ate at Larry's Pizza and opened your special presents.  You got a lamb lovey, a cross plaque and lots of clothes and books.  You sure are LOVED by your family and friends and of course, GOD!!  What a perfect day!


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